Cleveland cop opens fire after unruly driver drags partner during traffic stop

An officer-involved shooting late Monday night in the city of Cleveland.

It happened just before 10PM at East 85th and Wake Park.

Cops stopped a beige Chevrolet Impala for a traffic violation. Upon approaching the vehicle and talking with the driver, Aaron P. Byrd, the officers smelled a strong odor of PCP.

The officers asked Byrd for his driver's license, which he did not comply. As the 31-year old sat in the vehicle he began to move around nervously -- reaching around in the vehicle. At this time, the officer deployed his taser and ordered Byrd to stop reaching, which he did not comply. The officer tased him, but the taser had no effect on him.

After being tased, Byrd reached between the seat and the door, the officer grabbed his arm ordering him to stop and exit the vehicle. Byrd then put the vehicle in gear and pulled off dragging the officer. The second officer then discharged his service weapon at Byrd multiple times. The officer was able to free himself from the vehicle and while in company with his partner they pursued Byrd's car to E. 71st & Linwood.

At 71st & Linwood, Byrd exited the vehicle and fled on foot. After a short foot pursuit, the officers were able to catch him.

After apprehending Byrd, the officers found him to have gunshot wounds to the head (graze wound) and arm. EMS was notified, responded to the scene and conveyed the suspect to MetroHealth Medical Center, where he is being treated for his injuries.

The Cleveland Division of Police Use of Deadly Force Investigation Team was notified and responded to the scene.

The officers are reporting no injuries at this time.

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