Healthy reward dollars

(WOIO) - It has caused more than a few dinner table battles - trying to get the kids to eat healthy. It's not always easy making fruits and vegetables a priority.

And Tara Harwood, a Pediatric Dietician from the Cleveland Clinic, suggests getting creative. One way is setting up a reward system.

"Not a food reward system, but a money reward system," says Harwood. "So what I am telling parents to do, and they can make this on their computer, are healthy buck dollars. And what you can do is you can establish goals for your children and if they complete the goals, they get one healthy buck dollar."

The healthy buck dollars then can be traded in for small toys or prizes, that your kid gets to pick out. It's all about goal setting and repetition.

The kids have a goal to work on and to meet the goal they are eating better and hopefully developing lifelong healthy eating habits.

The other issue here, according to Harwood, what are you eating? What are you modeling for your kids? You can't really expect your young children to eat healthy if you aren't willing to get with the same program.

"That's one of the frustrations I have as a health professional is I'll recommend these vegetables and parents will say, no I don't eat those myself. But you do have to set the example. You don't have to be a great role model."

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