Downtown Cleveland dealing with more snow

As the snow resumes the City of Cleveland's snow removal fleet of 49 trucks and 12 road graders are deployed and working in their designated zones.

There are currently 49 drivers on-duty with a number of auxiliary crews on standby should the snow fall exceed 8-10 inches. Depending on the conditions, some of the crews working on the main thoroughfares may transition to residential streets to plow. The Division of Streets currently has approximately 11,000 tons of salt on-hand. Police will man key intersections in order to prevent gridlock issues at rush hour.

As motorists exit Downtown they should avoid blocking intersections (a citable offense) by making sure that they will be able to pass through them before the signal changes.
At this time, the Public Safety Director of the City of Cleveland has not enacted a Snow Emergency Parking Ban. However, it is likely that one will be enacted this evening.

The City of Cleveland is also requesting that residents use off-street parking whenever possible to ensure that plows can service the entire width of the street - curb-to-curb. Servicing of residential streets will begin once the snow subsides and the main streets are sufficiently cleared.

Updates will be available as the forecasted snow event progresses. Residents with snow removal concerns should call (216) 664-2510.

Motorists can also help snow and ice control efforts by following a few smart winter driving tips:

LEAVE EARLY - Expect any trip to take double the normal amount of time.

PLAN YOUR ROUTE - Avoid steep upgrades and lightly traveled roads where deep snow drifts may form.

SLOW DOWN - Slick pavement means reduced traction and loss of control.  On snow or ice the posted speed limit is NOT a safe speed.

INCREASE FOLLOWING DISTANCE - It can take from 3 to 10 times farther to stop on winter-slick pavement than on a dry road.  Allow a large gap between yourself and the car ahead of you.

STOP GRADUALLY - Never slam on your brakes in ice or snow.

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