Cop Controversy: Police taser mishap?

19 Action News is asking tough questions after a Cleveland Police officer tasered two women -- only hours apart.

Both times may have been an we're asking how is that even possible?

A woman says a cop shot her with a taser and it happened as that same cop was apologizing for tasering her cousin.

The tasering in question took place during New Years weekend on E. 55th. Officer Leonard Moore was working off-duty when a woman says he shot her in the chest with a taser. He did it as he was saying "sorry" for stunning her cousin.

Leonard Moore has been tied up in questionable cases before. We're told he was with officers during the arrest of Edward Henderson, who says was he beaten while cuffed. That case is under investigation by the Feds. Also, in another case we've investigated: The 2010 shooting at the Gotcha Inn bar. Multiple sources also say Leonard Moore was working part time the night a man got shot in the bathroom and dragged outside.

In the taser cases, the woman hit in the chest went to the ER. The other was stunned in her side, but we saw no mention of that in two police reports.

19 Action News tried to speak to the victim who went to the ER but a lawyer wouldn't let her talk about it. We also called Patrolman Moore but he was not working.

The chief's office says its investigating.

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