Delivery Drivers: Winter storm heroes brave the cold and navigate the icy roads

If you tried to get anywhere downtown Thursday night, you know it was near gridlock. Traffic was so bad, it was like some people forgot to how to drive in the snow.

The coldest night of the year began with the most frustrating rush hour of the year.

It was bumper to bumper downtown and accidents and spin-outs tied up several freeways.

Drivers tried to get around it, by taking side streets and before long they were locked up too.
The weather made for a particularly hard night for pizza delivery man Scott Bartok.
First he battled the traffic -- then walked through bone chilling cold to deliver his pies.

"It's brutal out here," said pizza deliveryman Scott Bartok.

The only good thing about a night like Thursday night are the tips.

"As a driver, this is what you live for. You get better tips and when you're late, they understand why," said Bartok.

If it wasn't for Scott, the University of Wisconsin/Green Bay's basketball team, in town to play CSU, would be mighty grumpy.

"Oh man, these guys are heroes. Without them, my job would be a lot harder," said Colin Schneider.

The front desk clerks at the Hilton-Garden have been dealing with weather and traffic related issues all day.

"We've been here since 2PM trying to get taxis for guests, and they're all backed up. It's been crazy," said Leslie Klik of the Hilton-Garden. 
Once outside the single digit wind chill quickly slapped Scott back to reality.

Clearly, some of us have been spoiled by our mild winter.  

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