43 Forum: New focus for Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

My guest and I Megan O'Bryan, President and CEO of the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center talked about the incidents of rape and sexual assault.

We discussed the new the agency's new focus of boys and male perpetrators.

O'Bryan says because of what happened at Penn State her agency is getting more calls from boys and men who have been sexually abused.

We talked about new federal sex education guidelines.

We talked about the importance for teens to recognize unhealthy dating behaviors.

We also discussed the need for rape or sexual abuse survivors to get medical help and to call the police.  O'Bryan gave the 24-hour Hotline 216-619-6192.

The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center reaches more than 12-thousand students each year in local schools and colleges.

CRCC offers supports to survivors of sexual violence, promotes healing and prevention and advocates for social change.

CRCC offers direct services free of charge to anyone seeking to heal from sexual violence.

The staff works to create a safe, supportive, confidential environment where survivors of any race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, class or sexual orientation are welcomed and supported.