Fitzgerald removes local funding match for roadway projects by issuing 2-year moratorium

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald announced Friday a new plan for county roadway infrastructure projects, offering a two-year moratorium on the required local funding match for such projects in an effort to pro-actively address the needs of all County, State and U.S. routes within Cuyahoga County.

"Our local municipalities are facing tremendous financial pressure, especially in the face of their local budgets being cut by the state," said FitzGerald.  "This new approach to fixing our roadway infrastructure needs addresses the transportation issues of our county as a whole, regardless of municipal boundaries."

Previously, the county's policy relating to addressing the roadway infrastructure needs in Cuyahoga County included requiring a 20-50% match in funding from municipalities, depending on the type of projects being worked on.

The two-year moratorium removes this local match requirement.

Projects will be prioritized by examining pavement conditions based on the Northeast Ohio Area Coordination Agency's pavement management program and average daily traffic volumes on the existing roadway network.

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