Twisted Murder-Suicide: Elderly man fatally shoots 23-year-old woman, kills self

Two people are dead after a shooting 2924 E.116th near Harvey Saturday afternoon.

Police say 78-year-old James E. Davis Jr. shot 23-year-old Rhonda Robinson while she was sitting in a car.

Robinson was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center by Cleveland EMS where she died from her injuries.

"Why shoot her? I have no understanding," said Shalondria Hayes.

23-year-old Shalondria Hayes is still in a daze after seeing her best friend shot to death in cold blood. Hayes says Davis was a friend of hers but that he wanted to be more. She says he killed her best friend to get back at her.

"He went up to her car and he shot her," said Shalondria Hayes.

Investigators say neighbors called police when they heard the shots.

When officers got there they heard a shot from inside the house. Police entered the home and found Davis with a gunshot wound to the chest, he died on scene.

People who knew Davis can't believe what happened. They say he lived there for years and was like the mayor of the neighborhood.

"He will be missed. I don't know what happened as far as why he did what he did but he was a very nice man," said Reginald Darden.

Davis was also the road manager for the local R&B group, "The Hesitations."

Hayes says Davis was a nice man. He had helped her out when she needed it but then things turned violent. She says Davis pulled a gun on her around Christmas when he found out she had a boyfriend.

"He didn't have to shoot my best friend. That's somebody I loved and cared about," said Shalondria Hayes. "He's going to hell...he's going to hell for it."

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