Testimony now underway in Jimmy Dimora corruption trial

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Jurors have entered the courtroom for the corruption trial of former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora.

The first witness on the stand was Thomas Pokorny, a former 18 year Common Pleas Court Judge in Cuyahoga County and now retired court administrator.

He testified that when ordered to cut $500,000 from the courts budget in 2007, he decided to cut funds to Alternatives Agency.  The agency's director, Brian Schuman, was able to get some of the funding restored by enlisting the help of J. Kevin Kelley, who then intervened with Dimora.

Pokorny said he got a call from Dimora on the funding cut and also got a call from Frank Russo about restoring the funding.

Judge Nancy McDonnell was next on the stand.  She is the presiding Judge of Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court and was in that same role in 2008 when Commissioner Jimmy Dimora called her on behalf of Alternatives Agency.  She said he also attended a Judge's meeting and said he'd like them to find a way to save the agency.  She believed at the time that he was speaking on behalf of all the commissioners, but never talked to any of the others.

Also on the witness stand Monday is Daniel Gallagher. He testified that as he drove to Windsor for a gambling junket he was told to stop and pick up a woman.  On the way he was also told he had to stop in Toledo where he picked up another woman. Her name was "Egypt", she was a black female.  When they got to Windsor Dimora was at a gaming table, but he eventually got up and left with Egypt. Later the women came to a dinner the men were having and told everyone they were available for "services" in their rooms if anyone wanted to avail themselves.

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