Convicted sex offender busted for trying to lure little girl away from mother

19 Action News has learned a convicted sex offender just got arrested again. Busted for trying to lure a little girl away from her mother.

Bold, creepy and a close call for a mother and her daughter.

"It  was one of the most horrifying days of my life."
A mom, who did not want to be identified, is now wondering how close she came to seeing her seven year old daughter kidnapped.

"And I was even on high alert and he was so smooth this happened with in 15 seconds."
Cleveland Police arrested Daryl Hurley and charged him with criminal child enticement. Hurley is already a sex offender. He was convicted of child enticement in 2010.
The latest case went down at Prestis Bakery in Little Italy. The victim's mom says she met Hurley to buy a camera she saw on Ebay. She says during the meeting he gave her daughter   candy canes and then offered to zip up her coat.

Mom says she got distracted looking at a second camera and that's when Hurley had called the child to the door.

Mom grabbed her daughter just before she made it to the door with that stranger.
Hurley's case is now going to a grand jury for felony charges.

"He changed my life forever and my perspective. My love for my daughter only has grown so much since this happened."