911 Calls Released: Two killed in deadly building collapse on city's west side

A deadly building collapse on Cleveland's west side.

Ideal Builders, at Brookpark Rd. and W. 48th, was being demolished when part of the structure collapsed around 4:30 PM Tuesday afternoon.

9-1-1: "Okay can you see these two guys at all?"
Caller: "No, it's like...all rubble."
9-1-1: "They're still trapped?"
Caller: "I think so." 
9-1-1: "Don't hang up."
9-1-1: "Can you see them at all?" 
Caller: "I can see the top torso of one of them, and I'm pretty sure he's not with us anymore."

49-year-old Vincente Collazo of Cleveland and a 61-year-old Wayne Nicholson of Youngstown were pronounced dead at the scene.

The men were tearing down the building and were attempting to cut the steel supports when the building suddenly collapsed.

"I looked out window and saw the building collapsing. There was lots of dust," said witness Victor Pinkevitch.

Cleveland Firefighters could not reach the victims due to the amount of debris and steel.

Independence Evacuating was called to the scene, and was able to remove the first victim just before 10PM and the second victim was pulled out of the rubble early Wednesday morning.

The building had been on the property since the early 20's. Cleveland Fire says the owner, Howard Penker, had all the proper permits for demolition.

He hired Collazo to tear it down, and Collazo hired the Youngstown man and two other men to help him.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating.

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