Prostitute takes the stand in Dimora trial, describes sex "sessions"

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Rebecca Johnson was the first witness on the stand in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial. She is a woman who was hired to provide sexual services to Jimmy Dimora.

Testimony was the most graphic of the entire case as she and another woman testified about sexual trysts with Dimora.

She was recruited by another prostitute named "Glitter" to work with her.  She was introduced to Kevin Payne, a man who other witnesses have said procured women for Dimora.

Johnson called her work a "session."  She said sessions began with a massage, an erotic dance and some kind of sex work that was pleasing to the client.  She learned what to do by observing a "session" between Glitter and Payne.

Her first job was when a limo picked her up and drove her to an Indians game.  She was escorted to a loge, watched a game and then went to condo where she says there was a more private party.  She says there were no sessions at the loge, but there were at the condo.

Prosecutors showed her a series of pictures and asked if she knew any of them.  She recognized J. Kevin Kelley, Steve Pumper, Robert Rybak, Michael Gabor and Jimmy Dimora from the loge. She did not recognize Frank Russo's picture.

She recognized Payne, Kelley and Gabor from the more private party at the condo.  She does not think Dimora was there.  She says they ate, drank food and had sessions.  She says she had about five sessions. Glitter had about the same number.

She says was paid $800 for the work.  She also got tips from the men she had sessions with.  The two women were paid a total of $2,200.  She says she had a severe drug and alcohol problem at the time that was so bad she couldn't even go to places to fill out job applications.

Payne helped her get a job interview at the Dettore Companies.  She was hired immediately as a receptionist.  She stayed six months, but kept performing "sessions" at Kevin Payne's request.

One of those sessions was the gambling junket to Windsor.  She says she was the only woman on the party bus, she stripped, but did no sessions on the bus.  Someone on the bus paid her $50 for her panties. She said her memories of the trip are vague.

As Rebecca ended her testimony, defense attorneys attempted to shake her testimony about providing "services" to Jimmy Dimora and asked if she had an agreement with the government not to be prosecuted for lying to the FBI when agents first approached her.  She said, "I don't know."

Latonya Calhoun, also known as "Egypt", was next on the stand.  She was another prostitute that went on the gambling junket to Windsor.  She was recruited by "Glitter" to go the trip.  Kevin Payne and Glitter picked her up in Toledo and they traveled in a limo to Windsor.  She says she did a private show for two or three men where she was nude and men could touch her and themselves.

She says she met five or six men in the Payne party she said the only ones she recognized were Payne and Michael Gabor.  She was also shown photographs of several men.  She recognized Kevin Payne, J Kevin Kelley, Michael Gabor, and Jimmy Dimora.  She recognized Frank Russo, but said she was not sure it was from the Windsor trip.

The testimony of "Egypt" exposed no direct sexual contact between her and Jimmy Dimora, just nude dancing where men could touch her or themselves.

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