No prison for library security guard charged with grand theft

Judgement day for a library security guard charged with grand theft.

At the time of her indictment, 56-year-old Debra Young had been a member of the East Cleveland Police Department Auxiliary Unit.  In that role, she worked as security at the East Cleveland Public Library.

On April 8th, Young received a payroll check in the amount of $11,663.80.  Her normal payroll check amount was $1,163.80.

She cashed the larger amount and did not notify the library.  When the library staff realized their error, they attempted to collect the overage. Young repaid the library less than $1,000.

On December 19th, Young pleaded guilty to one count of grand theft.

On Thursday morning, Young was spared prison, and sentenced to one year probation. She must also pay restitution and speak to East Cleveland school students about her crime.

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