Editorial: Money and the Presidential Race

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney finally got around to releasing his federal tax returns this week---and the pundits and his political opponents pounced.  It turns out that Romney is rich - forty-five million dollars in income over the last two years. Now that came as no surprise to anyone with any knowledge of Romney's business career but it was big news anyhow because conventional political wisdom of the last few years holds that if you are wealthy it should somehow disqualify you as a viable presidential candidate.

It's nonsense of course, after all, revered presidents like Franklin, Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy each had more money than Romney- and unlike Romney - they inherited it.  And it's also illogical.  Wouldn't you rather trust a politician who is already rich over one who goes into office hoping to be enriched?

Romney made his money as a result of his success competing in America's great free market economy.  And unless he has cheated on his taxes---and there is no evidence of that---his personal wealth should have no bearing on his competence to serve in the nation's highest office.

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