Editorial Feedback 2012

Since we are beginning a new year, I wanted to clear out last year's editorial mailbag and get ready for a new year. So, here are few more comments I wanted to pass along to you.

Last year, we talked about children services removing an eight-year old Cleveland boy from his home because he was overweight.  Rick from Brook Park wrote and said, "this is a wake-up call to the nation.  Ignoring a proper diet and allowing your child to become so heavy is negligence."  But John from Akron wrote, "removing a child is an abuse of power and puts our rights at risk.  This is America."

Well, we also got a number of emails about the teacher merit system proposed by Mayor Jackson.  Jane from Parma wrote and said, "I was contemplating becoming a teacher.  I'm glad I didn't go that route.  Teachers don't get the respect they deserve."  Matt from Bay Village wrote and said, "some things never change.   When a child has no parental support, why is it that teacher's are held accountable for the achievement of these kids and the parents are not?

Well, thanks again for sharing your opinions with us.  And as always, write and let us know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate and here's the address.

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