Garfield Heights Schools facing more cuts

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - More cuts could be coming to the Garfield Heights School District.

They've already trimmed back how long students are in class, they've also cut out music, art and physical education programs.

Now the district is talking about cutting people, eliminating 48 positions if a levy that's on the March ballot fails.  And if you want to be on a team and play a sport, get ready to shell out hundreds of dollars.

We got a look at the list of who would be eliminated.  It includes three maintenance people, a guidance counselor, a social worker, and a high school math teacher.

Garfield Heights hasn't passed a school levy in 20 years.  The lack of revenue has forced them to eliminate the art, music, gym and library classes.

Some fear the short school days will spawn a whole new generation of latch key kids. But now it's getting even more serious.

At the school board meeting, 19 Action News asked the Superintendent if passing the levy was even a realistic possibility.  "I think it has a chance. There's a lot of momentum, hopefully it will pass and we'll turn the corner and get back on our feet."