Dimora trial focuses on jobs for favors yet again

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Jobs for favors is again the theme as the corruption trial of Jimmy Dimora continues.

Testimony from FBI Special Agent Kirk Speilmaker is that Plumbers Union boss Robert Rybak did free plumbing work at Jimmy Dimora's home and wanted favors in return.  He got them.  A raise for his wife who is a county employee, a summer job for his daughter and placement of two union plumbers on the county payroll.

In wiretapped phone conversations, Kevin Kelley is heard talking with Dimora as they try and find a place to put the daughter where she wouldn't stir any suspicion because she was hired weeks ahead of other summer employees.

Dimora's lawyers say Rybak could have gotten similar favors from any of the other County Commissioners.  They also cite previous testimony where the pattern of preferential hiring of county employees family members or people referred by politicians was outlined as "routine."

Sean Greller, a plumber and then head of Plumbers Union Local 55's Joint Apprentice and Training Council, testified that he installed free plumbing in Dimora's home.

At the time, he was being paid by Local 55.  Prosecutors are making the point that this amounts to theft from the local.  Dimora never paid for the work. Greller was told to go there and do the work by Union Business Agent Rob Rybak.

FBI Special Agent Michael Massie went back on the witness stand. He was the last witness Friday. Agent Massie's testimony focused on William Neiheiser, the President and CEO of Reliance Mechanical. He pled guilty to bribing Dimora with free plumbing and a Beanie Wells jersey in hopes of getting landing the JJC contract. He was sentenced to three years in prison.

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