Bay Village facing possible cop cuts

BAY VILLAGE, OH (WOIO) - The police union is hoping the mayor and city council can work out a deal to avoid police officer cuts and layoffs.

"The council is toying with the idea of eliminating three police officers to our force" said Anne Jindra-Smith, the police union spokesperson.

For about 15 thousand residents, the city has two dozen sworn police officers. Of the twenty-four, about thirteen are assigned to streets. Now the city is facing tough times.

One officer has already been put on notice.

"It's going to be a direct impact on our ability to do community policing" said Jindra-Smith.

"I'm trying to broker a deal that will avoid any cutting" said Mayor Deborah Sutherland.

The mayor is planning on meeting with the council Tuesday to try and avoid cutting police jobs.  If there is no resolution, cuts could begin by February 18th.

"These are very tough times and I don't envy our city officials" said Mike Lieber, a resident.