Corruption trial abruptly adjourns; star witness believed to be sick

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - New developments in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial.

Shortly after 11AM, the judge abruptly adjourned for the day. This came after a 45-minute delay while its thought she researched a legal issue.

It is believed that star witness J. Kevin Kelley fell ill, but lawyers are under strict orders not to comment.

About five minutes before court started Tuesday morning, Dimora's wife, daughter and son entered the courthouse.  They said nothing.

Dimora's family has been missing during the past several days when the most salacious testimony has been featured. Secretly recorded wiretaps caught Dimora talking crudely, making arrangements for trysts with hookers and a girlfriend and belittling his wife.

Kelley once again took the stand and described his paying for hookers for himself, Dimora and others and how he funneled money from contractors to Dimora.

Kelley said that after the now infamous trip to Las Vegas, Dimora, Frank Russo and others became worried after an item appeared in the Plain Dealer about the trip.  He said, "They didn't want it known that all these county employees were on trips with the auditor and commissioner Dimora."

Some of Kelley's testimony revealed just how little work many of Dimora's "A Team" did.  He said during summer months Dimora hosted pool parties about three times a week.  He added they would begin around noon and go until dinnertime.  He attended only on days when he was being paid by the county and should have been working.  He spent weekends at his cottage on Johnson's Island.

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