Delay for the Innerbelt bridge project?

A big delay for the Innerbelt bridge. The completed project could take another decade.

One new bridge is being built next to the existing bridge. Tearing down that existing bridge and building one to replace it is now on hold.

Ohio's Transportation Review Advisory Council put the Cleveland project on a list of others that could be delayed by as much as ten years. Ohio's transportation projects total nearly ten billion dollars. The Ohio Department of Transportation doesn't have the funding for all of them. ODOT has roughly 100 million a year for new projects.

"Unfortunately, this is Ohio's new reality. For too long, previous administrations have added more and more to the list of TRAC projects knowing that there were more projects than funds available," said ODOT Director and TRAC Chairman Jerry Wray.

Drivers who rely on the bridge to get in and out of downtown Cleveland are upset. "I think they need to get it going, if the plan was originally to do it and they need to continue with that investment" said Gary Strenk.

"I think it stinks. I think they think of us as their poor cousins or something" said Nancy Dix, a Tremont resident.

The TRAC has now opened a written public comment period. For 45 days they will hear citizen opinions.

The web address is or you can mail your comments to ODOT c/o Jim Gates 1980 W. Broad St. Columbus, OH 4322.

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