Dimora Trial: J. Kevin Kelley takes the stand

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Jimmy Dimora's trial has adjourned for the day.

FBI Special Agent Christine Oliver was the first witness on the stand at the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial Wednesday morning.

Judge Sara Lioi told the jurors that J. Kevin Kelley's testimony will resume at a later date and cautioned them not to speculate on why Kelley is not here and why his testimony was halted at mid morning on Tuesday.  Kelley became ill during a break in Tuesday's testimony and was taken to a hospital.

Agent Oliver was questioned about Jimmy Dimora's involvement with Executive Caterers owner Harlan Diamond.  He has pleaded guilty to discounting bills that Dimora ran up for catering events at Executive Caterers.

Diamond entered the courthouse with his attorney Robert Glickman. Diamond did not speak, but Glickman said they got a call to be here Wednesday. Defense attorney Leif Christman said he did not expect to see Kelley Wednesday, but added that he is not allowed to say any more than that due to a gag order from the Judge.

Diamond pleaded guilty to one count of aiding and abetting mail fraud. His crime was mailing a false bill to Dimora for a Dimora Booster Club dinner. Dimora had Diamond send an inflated bill to him for the event. Diamond padded the bill by more than $3,000. Later he applied the $3,000 to an outstanding $8,700 bill that Dimora ran up for his wife's 50th birthday party held at Diamond's Executive Caterers.

Documents displayed for jurors showed that Diamond often discounted or wrote off Dimora's bills as bad debts because Dimora didn't pay the balances he owed.  One balance that Diamond was forced to swallow was huge.  It occurred after Dimora didn't pay for a birthday party for his daughter.  There were 280 guests and the cost was more than $15,000.  Dimora never paid a dime to Diamond and the caterer simply zeroed out the bill.  In total, Dimora boosters paid for about $7,000 of Dimora's bills.  Diamond wrote off about $17,000 that Dimora owed him.

Around 11:30AM, Diamond took the stand. He said when a bill for a Dimora Booster brunch was not paid, he called Dimora to come and discuss it.  They talked and the bill was paid. He admits he inflated the Boosters bill after meeting with Dimora. He also says when the inflated bill was paid he directed his staff to credit the overage to Jimmy's private parties. He said, "Apply it to the Boosters club party and apply the balance to the oldest Dimora bill we have." He also admits having staff create a "paper trail" unless someone from the Boosters questioned the amount.

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