Editorial: Cry Wolf

(WOIO) - Of all the activist organizations patrolling the nanny-state these days, few can get more annoying or absurd than the animal rights activists - led by PETA - the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The most recent target of these humorless organizations is---of all things----a movie, Liam Neeson's action flick called "The Grey".  The movie, which was number one at the box office last week, is about a group of plane crash survivors stranded in northern Alaska and under attack by packs of starving wolves.

Well, the animal rights people are aghast that wolves would be portrayed as blood-thirsty and they are calling on moviegoers to boycott the film.  Wendy Keefover, who holds the title of Carnivore Protection Director for Wildearth Guardians, says the movie will tap into the primal fears of people and cause mass hysteria.  Hysterical is the right word to describe this nonsense but better suited to the animal rights protestors than the movie producers. Good heavens, it's a movie, a work of fiction. What's their next target, "Little Red Riding Hood?

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