Editorial Response: Therese Pohorence

(WOIO) - My name is Therese Pohorence responding to Bill Applegate's editorial regarding the republican primary and our political process.

Our political process in this country has become an industry.  Running for office has become a big money occupation for thousands of people who attach themselves to these campaigns.

If our founding-fathers were to come back to see how twisted this process has become…they would be shocked. When our political system was created, this was not supposed to be a full-time job for our representatives.  They were elected by their peers - went to Washington to vote on legislation proposed - and then went back to their farms and businesses where they interacted with the public.

Now, even at the lowest levels, our elected officials don't read their own mail or return phone calls.  How do they know what the public thinks or wants?  It's time to take the industry out of politics and go back to what our founders wanted the process to be.

Thank you.