Game Over: Man accused of flipping hundreds of houses headed to court

Blaine Murphy (aka Bryce Peters, III and Martin J. Franks) and Bryce Peters Financial Corporation, Inc. are scheduled to be arraigned Thursday morning at the Justice Center.

Murphy arrived at Cleveland Hopkins Airport Tuesday night. He is currently in the custody of the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department.

In December 2011, Murphy, 43, of Naples, Florida, and his corporation were indicted on charges of illegally "flipping" 235 houses in Cuyahoga County by filing forged deeds to these properties. Murphy forged the deeds as an individual named Bryce Peters, III.

The indictment includes properties located in 14 other Ohio counties. Murphy was the key participant in this nationwide enterprise that includes real estate in many states with the most activity occurring in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Texas.

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