Dimora on Trial: Star witness resumes testimony following illness

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - J. Kevin Kelley resumed testimony in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial on Thursday morning.

Kelley became ill on Tuesday at a morning break in testimony.  He was absent from the courtroom on Wednesday.

Kelley's testimony focused on schemes that, for the most part, have already been explored by other witnesses.

However, Kelley added first-hand details. The other witnesses testified about what Kelley did or told them. Kelley added details of how his actions were directed by Dimora.

Tapes of wiretaps played in court concerned Kelley intervening in a variety of areas on behalf of Dimora. The schemes include a raise for Plumbers Union boss Robert Rybak's wife, a job for a contractor's daughter, an inspector change on a large job on behalf of a contractor friend of Dimora's and a scheme to pay-off a Judge in co-defendant Michael Gabor's divorce case.

In each case, Kelley said there were previous or promised financial benefits to Dimora by those who benefited from his actions as a County Commissioner.

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