Prosecutor seeks murder victim's family, killer eligible for parole

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Summit County Prosecuting Attorney Sherri Bevan Walsh is asking the community to help her locate any relatives of the victim of a 1975 murder.

On December 23rd, 1975, Dale Collins and Michael Spuller burglarized the home of Helen Shay, an elderly neighbor. Collins, who had shoveled her driveway earlier that day, called Shay and asked if she would like some company. She agreed, but said she did not want him to bring anyone with him.

Spuller waited outside while Collins knocked on Shay's door. When she answered, Collins pushed her down the steps to the basement, kicked her a few times and then choked her with a dog chain. After killing Shay, Collins, Spuller and Collin's brother ransacked the home. Shay's sister, Julia Davis, discovered the body on Christmas Eve.

Dale Collins was sentenced to life in prison for Aggravated Murder and Aggravated Burglary with parole eligibility after 20 years. He has a Full Board Hearing in front of the Ohio Parole Board on March 27.

Any surviving family members of Helen Shay who would like to attend the hearing or provide input should contact Kristen Arapp in the Victim Services Division of the Summit County Prosecutor's Office at (330) 643-2800.

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