Dimora's attorneys cross-examine star witness Kevin Kelley

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Defense attorneys were anxious to get testimony started Friday in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial, as they continued their cross-examination of star witness J. Kevin Kelley.

Late Thursday, Andrea Whitaker, the attorney for Jimmy Dimora, grilled Kelley about his drinking, the stories he's told in court and his mental health.  At one point, she even got him to admit to hallucinations, saying voices told him to do certain things.  It is an effort to strike at his credibility and shake jurors belief in his version of events.

Leif Christman, the attorney for co-defendant Michael Gabor, said Kelley's testimony was a pack of lies. He said it has been frustrating to sit by and listen to Kelley without having a chance to challenge his testimony.  Christman will get that chance soon.

Kelley missed a day and a half of testimony due to an undisclosed illness that he complained about mid-morning on Tuesday.

Judge Sarah Lioi called an earlier than unusual morning break in testimony.  This came after repeated objections and sidebar discussions.  Defense attorney Whitaker had been questioning Kelley on a variety of topics, many unrelated to one another.  The Judge seems to be getting impatient with the pace of questioning.

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