Cuyahoga Falls woman dials the wrong number at the right time

A northeast Ohio woman tried to call her son after a stroke last weekend but she dialed the wrong number and the call never went through.

She mistakenly dialed a man in a different state but that wrong number may have been the one that saved her life.

"I was cramped up right here," said Loretta Smith.

Loretta Smith is right handed. That part of her body was paralyzed in the stroke so she had to use her left hand. She got the area code right 3-3-0 but made a mistake with the prefix calling 4-1-9 instead of 8-1-9.

She ended up dialing a stranger in Colorado named Kenny.

"I'm in Broomfield, Colorado and I received a call from a woman who is having a stroke. She said she is at 3020 State road," said Kenny.

Kenny, some 1,300 miles away in Colorado, called for help and within minutes Loretta was at the hospital being treated for a minor stroke.

"Kenny is my angel," said Loretta Smith.

70-year old Loretta has five children and eight grandchildren and she also one amazing story for the ages.