Gambling buddies shoot each other over money

Cleveland Police say two friends shot each other over money after a night of gambling.

Cleveland Police were first called out to Clearview Avenue where they located Anthony Smith. Smith had been shot in the both of his arms and his stomach. Moments later, officers were called to Beachwood Avenue where the other friend, Charles Lenix, was found with a gunshot would the stomach.

Both males were transported to MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment.

Upon further investigation, Smith had borrowed some money from Lenix for gambling purposes. When they wrapped up their night, an argument ensued over the money escalating into a physical fight. Smith said he didn't have the cash but offered to pay Lenix with his food stamp card. Lenix said he wanted the cash, and the argument continued. During the fight a handgun was produced and both males ended up shot.

Both males were placed under arrest for Felonious Assault and are awaiting charges.

The Cleveland Division of Police is asking that anyone with information about this incident to contact the Fourth District Detective Bureau at 216-623-5418.

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