Elderly man gets robbed, carjacked

A senior citizen was carjacked, but he's getting justice because of what happened after.

The 73-year-old victim turned detective after some thugs stole his wallet and phone, then came back and took his car.

"He said gimme all you got. I was so scared. I was shaking," the victim, Joe Mason told 19 Action News.

Just like that, they took his car on the mean streets of Cleveland on the east side.  But Joe Mason went from easy target to crime-fighting citizen and helped police catch the crooks that robbed him and stole his car.  Later and not far away, Mason spotted his car at a gas station and called police.

"When they come out hands right behind (motions) I said that's them. I was a happy camper," Mason said.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors have charged William and Tommy Johnson.  They're facing a series of charges, maybe because they got greedy.

Prosecutors say of course Mason did the right thing by not confronting either of the bad guys.  And a victim spotting his car, well it happens.

"It doesn't happen often but it does happen from time to time defendants stealing cars and then the victims seeing their car in the neighborhood," said Colleen Reali, Prosecutor.

"You just don't do something like that to an old man minding my own business not bothering nobody."

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