Big Bad Wolf cornered and captured on Cleveland's west side

Cleveland Police Officers were called to the city's west side after residents reported seeing a wolf roaming the neighborhood.

Officers cornered the animal in the 3400 block of West 59th Street around 2 PM.

Animal Control Officers were called to the scene and put the animal safely on a leash. Animal Control Officers were able to track down the animal's owner, who confirms the animal is a wolf and he keeps it as a pet.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time the animal has gotten loose. One neighbor tells 19 Action News the wolf is a regular on this street, and that one time, he saw it with a cat hanging out of it's mouth.

The Cleveland APL is one of several animal welfare agencies asking for tighter restrictions on exotic pets. Right now Ohio has some of the weakest laws in the country.

"We need to move on this as quickly as possible," said Sharon Harvey, Pres. Cleveland APL.

The wolf was taken to the city kennel for further observation.

The owner is facing misdemeanor charges for the animal running loose and for having an exotic animal.

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