Contractor claims he used Dimora’s clout to win contracts

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Former DAS Construction executive Steve Pumper is again on the stand in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial.

He is heard on wiretaps talking to Dimora confidant Michael Gabor about swinging a variety of county contracts to Pumper's companies.

Gabor discussed using materials from Pumper's Green Source on the Juvenile Justice Center project. Gabor mentioned using Dimora to facilitate the deal and urges Pumper to call him.

In another conversation, Gabor confides that he has learned from his brother-in-law that Broadview Heights is planning on building a new rec center. The brother-in-law is Sam Alai, the Mayor of Broadview Heights.  He has not been implicated in this case or charged with any crime.

Pumper saw the business opportunity to use his products in the job if he could win it.  He said to Gabor, "It's a beautiful thing." Gabor confides that he didn't say anything to Mayor Alai.

Pumper then described how commissions would work for Gabor if he could swing the deal to him, "You'll probably put in your pocket two, two fifty."  An astonished Gabor said "$250 thousand? Oh my God."

Pumper summed it up in a sentence, and said Gabor was going to provide Dimora with a percentage of the profit on that.

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