Judge grants new trial to man convicted of setting Cleveland's deadliest fire

The man convicted of setting Cleveland's deadliest fire has been granted a new trial.

On Wednesday, a federal judge approved a new trial for Antun Lewis after new evidence apparently surfaced. [Read more on the judge's decision HERE]

A 42-year-old convicted sex offender swears he conspired with jailhouse snitches to lie about Lewis' involvement in the deadly fire. It was all part of a plan to get their sentences shortened.

Lewis was convicted last February. A jury found him guilty of setting the blaze on East 87th Street back in May 2005 that killed nine people. Eight children and one adult died in the blaze.

7-year-old Faith Jones, 12-year-old Shauntavia Mitchell, 13-year-old Miles Golden Cockfield, 13-year-old Antwon Jackson Jr., 14-year-old Moses William Jr., 15-year-old Devonte Carter, 12-year-old Maleeya Williams, and 33-year-old Media Carter all died from smoke inhalation during a birthday sleepover.

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