Key witness admits to being an alcoholic during his third day on the stand

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Steven Pumper, the former head of DAS Construction, said nothing as he entered the Federal Courthouse in Akron Thursday morning. He is spending his third day on the stand in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial.

Pumper is being cross-examined by Leif Christman, the attorney for Dimora co-defendant Michael Gabor. Christman said he was anxious to attack Pumper's story of bribing Dimora and promising a lucrative job to Gabor in return for his providing access to Dimora.

When 19 Action News asked Pumper if he really believed his testimony that Dimora could get him out of trouble with the FBI, he did not answer. On Wednesday, Pumper said he initially refused to cooperate with the FBI, believing that Dimora could "slide this under the table."

He was wrong and could face between 6-10 years in prison for his admitted crimes.  He is cooperating with the FBI in the hope of reducing that sentence.

A sharp exchange in loud voices occurred when Christman asked Pumper if his recollection came at a time when he was drinking a lot.  He said yes, and that he's an alcoholic who is still drinking.

His testimony then ended.

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