Cleveland mother killed in east side house fire

A Cleveland mother killed in a massive house fire on Cleveland's east side early Friday morning.

Firefighters were called out around 2AM on East 66th and Ovington Avenue.

Neighbors tried to help get to the victim - identified as 29-year-old Shanika Yates - before fire crews arrived on scene, but the fire's intensity keep them back.

"I seen flames shooting out the window," said neighbor Charles Matthews. "Me and a guy on the street, we was trying to break in the door, but we couldn't break the door in. We took a brick, and threw a brick through the front window and the smoke started coming out. I knew where her bedroom was and I went over there, hollering, hollering."

Yates' body was found in a first floor bedroom.

Her daughters, ages 8 and 9 years old, were at grandmother's house when the fire broke out.

No cause has been determined yet.

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