Lawmakers propose plan to fund second phase of Innerbelt Bridge project

New details on the Innerbelt Bridge project.

Amid threats of a delay, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D) and Congressman Steven LaTourette (R) are working together to get the second phase of the project back on track.

This, after ODOT announced last month that the second phase of the bridge project could be delayed until 2023.

First, the lawmakers worked with ODOT Director Jerry Wray, who has agreed to apply for a  Transportation, Investment, Generating, Economic, Recovery grant, a TIGER grant.

Second, a new federal highway bill is up for reauthorization next week that would bring in millions of dollars for the state.

And third, the state is looking to lease some rest areas that would bring in even more money.

Add it all up, and there is considerable optimism that the second phase of the Innerbelt Bridge project would move on, on schedule.

"All of us understand the significance of this Innerbelt project," said Congressman Kucinich. "Our economy in this part of the region is dependent on this project."

"Our goal is to put the director in a position for him to come to Cleveland and say its back on track in 2016,"said Congressman LaTourette. "We haven't done that job for him yet and it's incumbent on us to get him the money to do it."

ODOT Director Wary also made the point that the second phase of the Innerbelt Bridge project is one of ODOT's highest priorities, and that is why he is working with the Congressman to do his part to secure the TIGER grant.

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