Medical Mystery: Sisters illness baffles doctors

Three Cleveland sisters are all sick with the same mystery illness.

It's a deadly disease -- one that's very rare. So the fact that three sisters all have it has doctors scrambling.

Sisters Hanna, Haley, and McCayla Crouch appear perfect in every way but each one of them has a rare and deadly disease.
It's called Interstitial Lung Disease and with every passing day, they are losing lung capacity and their ability to breath.

Parents Tracy and Jim were stunned by the news two years ago.

"We actually took Haley our five year old to Rainbow for pneumonia and the nurse in there asked us how long has she had lung disease. I'm like "WHAT?" The tips of her fingers were clubbing and they were swollen," said Jim Crouch.

The disease is so rare, doctors don't know what causes it. And currently there is no known cure.

The girls grandfather, is raising money. Not just to help pay the family's medical bills, but more importantly to raise money for research -- which may or may not come in time to save his three grandchildren.

"We don't know, right now I can't worry about that.  I just want to know in two years that I can't sit back and not have done enough," said John Schwalm.

John's former classmate Jim Tressel was so touched by the family's situation, that in the midst of his firing from OSU, Tressel made a video to raise awareness.

In a matter or days, friends and complete strangers donated more than $14,000 but unfortunately, research to find a cure will take much more than that.
So the family hangs on.

All three girls are hospitalized monthly for steroid treatments which are only a temporary fix.    Their only help is finding a cure. If you can help CLICK HERE.

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