Dimora worked to cover his tracks after he was tipped off to FBI investigation

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - FBI Special Agent Christine Oliver is back on the stand to begin another week of testimony in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial.

She spent all of Friday afternoon testifying about checks that Dimora's wife, Lori, wrote for previously unpaid work done by contractors on their Independence home.

The checks were written soon after Dimora pal Steven Pumper learned of the FBI corruption investigation and alerted Dimora. Prosecutors are making the case that the checks were an attempt to create a paper trail and make it appear Dimora was paying for the work. The basis of their case is that the jobs done at the home were favors in return for Dimora steering contracts to the contractors.

Dimora spoke in somber tones on recordings made the day he began to cover his tracks. He called Michael Gabor and said, "Don't talk on the phone, don't talk on the phone. I need to talk to you a minute." Dimora later told Gabor the FBI was snooping.

Jimmy Dimora's effort to create a paper trail, and make it look genuine, was extensive.  He paid either $500 or $1000 on his granite bill a dozen times until it was paid for. Payments that began in 2008 - a day after he knew the FBI was watching. Payments for work that began eight years earlier.

Dimora's lawyer, William Whitaker, and co-defendant Michael Gabor's attorney Leif Christman both said they felt the trial is moving faster than they expected. Four of the five main witnesses to testify against Dimora have already been on the stand. The final major witness yet to testify is Frank Russo. There is no indication when he will testify, but it is thought that he will be the prosecution's final witness.

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