43 Forum: Saving lives through LifeBanc

My guests and I, Tony Leverette and Rev. Gwendolyn Snell talked about the need to be organ, eye and tissue donors.  Leverette, is a board member of Lifebanc and a Minority Community Outreach specialist.

Rev. Gwendolyn Snell is a two time kidney recipient and is waiting for a third transplant.  There is a special need in minority communities.  In the African-American community for example,  55-percent are recipients while only 35-percent have signed up to be donors.

Leverette talked about how to sign up and the importance of talking with one's family members to make them aware of your wishes.  Rev. Snell said high blood pressure destroyed her own kidneys and that she has to take dialysis three times a week, each treatment taking three to four hours.  Leverette informed our viewers that one organ donor can save 8-lives and that an organ, eye and tissue donor can save 50-lives.  We also talked about being willing to be a living donor and the need to make a decision for a deceased family member as quickly as possible because the sooner the better.  We also talked about the reservations some have about being donors and how Lifebanc works to overcome those fears or religious objections.  I also informed our viewers that CBS 19 will participate in a yearlong campaign with Lifebanc.  Lydia Esparra and I will produce reports to air on 19 Action News monthly.