Editorial: War on Christianity

The Catholic church and other denominations are calling the Obama administration's contraception mandates a war on religion.  Well, depending on how strictly you view the first amendment, those concerns may be well-founded.

But the real war on religion is, in fact, a war on Christianity and it is being conducted in deadly earnest in countries around the world.  Newsweek Magazine, in fact, devoted its front cover last week to this awful situation.

While we, in this country, seem to go out of our way--sometimes way out of our way to defend the Islamic faith---in many Islamic countries, Christians are being attacked and murdered for their faith. Churches have been burned and Christians murdered in just the past few months in Nigeria, Sudan, and Pakistan. In Iraq, since 2003, more than nine hundred Iraqi Christians have been killed in Baghdad alone. You might ask where is the media coverage of this genocide?  And, where is the outrage…not just among the silent Muslim leaders, but from our leaders here at home?

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