Mitt Romney campaigns in Cleveland while fighting to get back on top

Mitt Romney is fighting for that front runner status and Ohio may be his ticket to getting back on top.

While in Cleveland Thursday the GOP candidate talked jobs and how he would re-build our frail economy.

Romney is a rock star to many Cuyahoga County Republicans. He's spending much of his time stressing his experience as a businessman. Knowing that many in the audience Thursday night were also business people, he compared what it's like to work in government.

Romney also pointed out several times that President Obama has little or no experience running a business and according to Romney, has no idea how to create jobs.

"By the way, when he was on the Today Show shortly after being elected, he said if I can't improve the economy, this will be a one term presidency," said Mitt Romney. "He's out of ideas, and in 2012, he'll be out of office."

What is surprising is that Romney made no mention of Rick Santorum, who he trails in the polls, and made no effort to woo Tea Party Republicans.

"When someone comes to Cleveland, you want to hear them talk about their ideas, not about someone else," said Edward Crawford.

"This is the first time I've heard him in person, I was very impressed with him," said Alexander Erdey.

"I'm kind of on the fence of where I want to go and I think he did a real good job today," said Scott Whidden.

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