Urban legend almost kills dad

PARMA HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A man is facing charges -- accused of poisoning, his own father and we're told, he did it by following a popular urban legend.

Police say Frank Shull was attacked with eye drops.

In fact one of his own sons is charged with poisoning him.  According to cops the suspect spiked some milk with Visine.

The 84 year old great-grandfather barely survived and he blames his 56 year old son Byron.
Urban Legend has it that drinking Visine gives you diarrhea but in reality it can give you breathing problems, blood pressure problems, even put you in a coma.

Frank is still recovering. 

"One month in the hospital. One month in rehab. What can I say," said Frank Shull. "I can't believe it -- I still can't believe it."

The crime happened in Parma Heights.  Cuyahoga County prosecutors just indicted Byron Shull on a series of charges.

Prosecutors say the son did it because he thought dad was mean and wanted to make him pay.

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