Families fear the worst for missing men

Terrance Wallace
Terrance Wallace
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

Two families are starting to fear the worst after their loved ones went missing earlier this week.

Terrance Wallace, a 33-year-old father of five, was last seen on Wednesday when he told his girlfriend he was heading over to the home of Ryan Miller on Cleveland's west side.

Friday, police arrived at Miller's home on Trent Road with burglary arrest warrants for Miller. Police say there was no sign of the males.

The last call made from Wallace's phone was to a pizza shop. Wallace's girlfriend got the pizza shop's number from Wallace's cell phone report and hunted down the address the pizza was delivered to. The woman went to the home and there was no sign of her lover. Instead, she found a trash can containing what she thought was blood and took it down to Cleveland's Second District Police station.

Sources tell 19 Action News that police went back to the home and found blood, possible bone fragments inside the home.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner hasn't ruled on any evidence and Cleveland Police are still treating this as a missing person case, not a homicide.

Cleveland Police say that Wallace's vehicle is also missing. It's described as a 2008 white Jeep Compass with license plate FLG5593.

Meanwhile, two families are broken. "He has family… he has children that all love him… and we want him to come home" says Wallace's cousin Chiquitta Russell.

Anyone with information should contact Cleveland Police or call 9-1-1.

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