Horseshoe Cleveland provides progress report on highly-anticipated casino

The countdown to the opening of Cleveland's highly-anticipated casino is on!

Rock Caesar's Ohio provided an update on the city's big new attraction, which is slated to open the week of May 14th.

Horseshoe Cleveland is being developed inside the Historic Higbee Building as a high-profile addition to the city's impressive sports, entertainment, music and cultural attractions. There are currently two shifts of 600 workers inside working everyday.

Unlike other casinos that try to offer one-stop shopping, the Horseshoe will work to promote what Cleveland already has to offer.

"Come to Cleveland and go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," said Marcus Glover of Horseshoe Casino Cleveland. "Come to Cleveland to go to the Science Center, take your kids to the Science Center or go to watch your team play the Indians. And, by the way, we have a casino."

The casino began recruiting for 1,600 new jobs last fall.  After receiving more than 36,000 applications, about 1,300 people are in training or have been hired to date.

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