Editorial Response: Linda Gracey

(WOIO) - My name is Linda Gracey responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial regarding the contraception controversy.

I believe that the Catholic Church's objection to the original mandate and subsequently to the compromise are well-founded. It is not just the contraception that the Catholic Church objects to, it's the abortifacient drugs. It is against their doctrine. If all insurers are required to provide this, the church will be required to go against their conscience no matter what insurer's they choose.

I stand with the church that life begins at conception.

I personally do not want my tax dollars going to aboritifacient drugs. Whether or not a person agrees with the church's stand on contraception is not the issue. I believe the issue is that the government has no right to mandate anything to any church or to dictate policy to private insures.

America has been blessed with religious liberties since it was founded.  Many Christians around the world do not have this freedom.  We need to carefully preserve it.

Thank you.