Teen caught in party shootout says enough is enough!

19 Action News found an untold story behind a deadly weekend in Cleveland with six murders in 36 hours.

The violence didn't stop there. A teen was caught in a shootout and survived to tell her chilling story of survival and speak out against domestic violence.

18-year-old Alexis Leach was at a party when three suspects busted in and shot three people. Alexis was one of the victims. She was shot in the leg and her buttocks. "I heard the gunfire…I saw the blood and I buckled…I'm shot?

This week, Cleveland's Police Chief called the streets "safe" and says it appears the recent killings involved people who knew each other.

Alexis Leach disagrees and says she sees too much violence-especially black on black crime. "Us black people got to stop killing each other off. We're already a minority. We're worried about all this other stuff that really has nothing to do with nothing" says Leach.

So far, there have been no arrests in Leach's shooting and nobody saw who did it.

Anyone with information should call CrimeStoppers at 216.252.7463. There could be a reward if your tip leads to an arrest