Dimora's ethics reports under review in corruption trial

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Lawyers for Jimmy Dimora and co-defendant Michael Gabor said nothing as they entered court for another day of testimony in the Cuyahoga County corruption trial on Thursday.

Ethics reports that Dimora and all politicians must file yearly with the Ohio Ethics Commission are being reviewed. Dimora claimed in the past that his listing the names of people who gave him gifts and entertainment on the forms constitutes proper reporting of what he accepted.

More than two years ago, 19 Action News reported on the Dimora ethics filings and the fact that there were no amounts listed on the reports. Dimora responded angrily when 19 Action News questioned the propriety of the filings and if this was proper disclosure.  Because there are no amounts listed, it is impossible to distinguish between a gift of minor value and a gambling trip to Las Vegas worth thousands.

Paul Nick, Executive Director of the Ohio Ethics Commission, is in court after being summoned by Dimora's defense team.

However, before Nick took the stand, there was a long sidebar conversation after prosecutors objected to the introduction of the ethics filing. Nick left the courtroom and former County Procurement Director Adrian Maldonado took the stand.  It is unclear if Nick will testify later or if his testimony was excluded.

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