Cleveland Police continue to investigate infant's broken ribs

Cleveland Police are still investigating the assault of a newborn baby boy.

Family members have now come forward with a theory that investigators are sure to look into to now.

Baby Jaden was born on February 14th, but brought into Rainbow Babies by his mother Shirley Burgess, 22, days later with six broken ribs.

Thursday, the infant's father, Ernest Alexander, 25, turned himself into police with the help of 19 Action News for a parole violation.

19 Action News has now learned that baby Jaden is improving, but remains in critical condition.

Police are investigating if the infant was assaulted or if he suffers from a brittle bone disease just like his older brother.

Jaden's grandmother, Sharon Wyatt, describes to 19 Action News the older child's situation "looked like the baby's bones were crushed but when the bone doctor did a test it was brittle bone disease."

Do they both have a bone disease or were they both abused? 19 Action News will keep digging to get to the bottom of these broken kids.

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