Parents who tried to give away daughter will not be charged

No child endangering charges will be filed against two parents who tried to give their child away.

The city prosecutor ruled that there wasn't enough evidence, even with a piece of paper trying to make the giveaway look official, for the parents to be charged.

Gavin Aldridge and Courtney Followay gave their 2-year-old daughter to a friend because they felt they had drug problems and needed to get clean. The couple even signed her over with their own document.

Investigators found the child had been living on the west side in filthy conditions. The child even had bug bites all over her body.

Sources close to the case say a city prosecutor found mom and dad tried to do the right thing by giving the child to a friend, trying to put the girl into better hands.

Oddly this week, dad went to prison for a year in an unrelated robbery case.

Relatives tell 19 Action News that the child is now with a grandmother. Cuyahoga County Social workers will have a hearing deciding the child's future soon.

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