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Chardon students march in solidarity back to high school

Suspected student gunman TJ Lane Suspected student gunman TJ Lane
Shooting victim Daniel Parmertor Shooting victim Daniel Parmertor
Russell King, Jr. Source: Moeller Pastor Photography Russell King, Jr. Source: Moeller Pastor Photography
Demetrius Hewlin Source: Moeller Pastor Photography Demetrius Hewlin Source: Moeller Pastor Photography

Students in Chardon marched in solidarity back to the high school just days after a student gunman fatally shot three students.

Parents accompanied their children for the walk from Chardon Square to the high school, many linked arms and held hands.

Thursday was the first day students returned to the building since 17-year-old T.J. Lane reportedly opened fire, shooting five students.

The shootings occurred just before the start of classes Monday morning around 7:40AM in the area of the High School's cafeteria.

During Lane's shooting rampage, teacher Frank Hall chased the teen away from the building. Lane later surrendered to innocent bystanders about one hour later. 

Three of the shooting victims, 17-year-old Russell King, Jr., 16-year-old Daniel Parmertor and Demetrius Hewlin, all died at MetroHealth Medical Center. The Medical Examiner ruled Tuesday that Parmertor died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head. His death was ruled a homicide.

At Hillcrest Hospital, 17-year-old Nick Walczak remains in serious condition after being shot four times. His mother said he was shot in the arm, neck and back. Nick has no feeling is his legs due to spinal shock, but doctors are cautiously optimistic about his recovery. He will get spine therapy.

Joy Rickers, 18, was released from Hillcrest Hospital.

Lane is reportedly cooperating with police and made his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon. Wearing a bullet proof vest, Lane was rushed through a back door of the courthouse. Prosecutors said Lane admitted to being the shooter and that he is "not well."

Tuesday evening, thousands turned out for a vigil at the Church of Saint Mary on North Street in Chardon.

Chardon Superintendent Joe Bergant encouraging the tight-knit community of Chardon to stand strong.

"You need to smile. You've heard me on a number of  occasions, you need to do something kind for somebody in response to the horrible tragedy that we've been through," Bergant said.

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